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Bookkeeper and Owner

As I delved into the world of bookkeeping, I stumbled upon a unique niche that captivated my heart: becoming the florist bookkeeper. It wasn't just about numbers and ledgers anymore; it was about breathing life into the financial records of delicate petals and vibrant blooms. The intricate dance between meticulous organization and the artistic flair of floristry fascinated me. Every entry became a stroke of a brush on a canvas, capturing the essence of each floral creation. Being a "florist bookkeeper" isn't just a profession; it's a passion. It intertwines my love for numbers with the beauty of nature, creating a harmonious symphony that I am grateful to be a part of. Florist Bookkeeper

I’m not going to repeat what everyone else says, that they are certified and have this many years experience, and that you can get your weekends back… I know that first off, you don’t care what certifications I have, second you wouldn't be looking for a bookkeeper if you didn't have bookkeeping problems, and third, that’s what everyone else is going to say! However, I will tell you that if you don’t like me, you don’t have to hire me! (But I am pretty awesome) I am just a single person, not some big conglomerate (as I am sure you can tell by my writing!) so I am not going to pawn you off on some underpaid intern and get sent generic reports two months late! I will say that I will be who you get when you call (but lets be honest, your going to text!) And that you will get your reports when I promise them. I know I can unravel the mess of your finances fast and get you on sound financial footing. Lets work together to take your business to the next level with the precision that only a scientist can offer.

I am Caila and if you made it all the way here without figuring out that I am a bookkeeper, let me know so that I can fix my website! However, I have to be honest, Bookkeeping is my side hustle, so if you are looking for a big firm and never getting the same person on the phone twice, don’t hire me. I do bookkeeping on the side because I love it. (Yes, I know I am crazy and you’d rather pull your hair out than do it.) I read once that the secret to finding a rewarding job is not that ad nauseam repeated do what you love and your never work a day in your life, but instead, find something you love that everyone else hates, and that is where you’ll find your cake! Florist Bookkeeper.

Ok, not a direct quote but that’s what I got from it! For a florist, bookkeeper is probably not something you want to do, but I do. During the day, I'm all about science, by night, I'm rocking the accounting world. Neither job are what most people find pleasure in but I’ve got this thing for data – there's just something so exciting about diving into it and unraveling its mysteries. Don't get surprised if I geek out! I love turning raw data into polished insights. I specialize in cleaning up your mess and getting your money on track. I will work with almost any industry, as long as you need bookkeeping, I am happy to oblige. 

About Caila Carreno the Florist Bookkeeper

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