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Bookkeeping Services:


Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Record and categorize transactions

  • Maintain general ledger

  • Reconcile Bank Statement

  • Create and explain financial reports


Clean-up / Catch-up Bookkeeping

  • Record all transactions

  • Find errors and duplicates

  • Create new Income Statements

  • Put steps in place to keep things organized going forward


Tax Preperation

Remote tax filing for individuals and businesses. 

  • Individual 1040's

  • Business 1065's

  • Corps 1120 and 1120s

Bookkeeping for Florists, Growers and Event Planners


Bookkeeping for florists, growers, and event planners: Each business is unique with distinct demands. This is an estimate of costs for your business. Please contact me for a free estimate.

Starting at $247 / Month

Bookkeeping for florists just getting going: managing two accounts and 50-100 transactions a month.

Starting at $597 / Month

For most mid-sized  retail business with up to four accounts and between 200-300 transactions a month.

Starting at $347 / Quarter

For small home-based businesses: Don't need monthly reconciliation and reporting? Up to two accounts and 200 transactions every four months.

*Accounts are bank accounts or credit cards that are linked to your business.
*Transactions are all money in and out transactions.

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Floral Finance; Budgeting for Florists

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